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The Perfect Kup Inc. is your one stop shop for all your kitchen and break room needs. Our wide variety of coffee blends gives your employees the opportunity to craft their own Perfect Kup… every time.

What Sets Us Apart

Perfect Kup

We are a family run business that took the industry from glass pot to thermals and now to single cup units. We listened to what our customers said. We have been in the food service industry since 1983 and helped to pioneer the first single cup machines in the world.

  • What Sets Us Apart
    What Sets Us Apart
    When we test launched the Keurig single cup system in Toronto, Canada we knew we were on to something special. Keurig is now the fastest growing single cup serving unit in both the office and at home in the world. We understand the coffee industry.
  • Customer Service is our Top Priority
    Customer Service is our Top Priority
    With each visit, we clean our equipment, rotate your inventory and make your entire kitchen or break room area a place everyone can be proud of.
  • Wide Selection
    Wide Selection
    We offer a wide range of products and services including Single cup coffee / tea systems, Premium Teas, Cold Beverages, Complete line of paper products, Thermal Airpot systems, Condiments, First aid emergency supply kits, Breaktime food items, Cleaning supplies, In-line filtered floor or counter water systems, Full service vending division, and our Catering division.
  • Fast Delivery
    Fast Delivery
    The Perfect Kup Inc. is your one stop shop for all your kitchen and break room needs. We now service in all 50 states and continue to be the leader in providing the specialized attention that our customers deserve, we spoil you.
What Our Clients Say


Stuart L
Dell Inc.

The Perfect Kup Inc. provides us the best service at the lowest price for all our offices coast to coast. Great company.

Ken D
Net Jets

They are the best, always there for us.

Mike B
Bank of America

I can honestly say that everyone at the Perfect Kup Inc. is solely dedicated to our companies needs and goals. They provide the best hands on service of any company we have ever dealt with.

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